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The 27 Most Outrageous Things That Have Ever Happened

A Jammie Dodger without the jam? A Freddo for 29p? Outrageous!

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1. A solid chocolate Kit Kat is just bizarre.

Just got a solid chocolate kit Kat... I am outraged, What sick twisted world do we live in? Where is the wafer?

It needs the wafer bit.

2. This is an absolute shocker of a Jammie Dodger.

I am outraged! 😱 Jammie Dodger manufaction, I'm disappointed 😭

3. And just look at this complete lack of jam.

I am outraged . No filling of any sort .

4. All the biscuits are against us.

I am appalled @waitrose! Sort out your Custard Creams.

5. An avocado like this? Not acceptable.

I am OUTRAGED that my avocado is almost entirely pip. 😭😭😭 #lunchtimeinjustice

6. What cruel world allows a Jaffa Cake to exist without the orangey bit?

My Jaffa cake has none of the jelly stuff in, I am outraged😱

Oh, we can debate whether it's a biscuit or a cake for eternity, but this is clearly the monstrosity we should be focusing on.

7. And just where is the ice cream in the bottom of this Cornetto?

@cornettouk why the heck was there like no ice cream in my cone? There was literally just the tip on it, I'm outraged

8. The lack of sprinkles makes this a very poor excuse for a Fab.

I am outraged #wherearemysprinkles

9. A Freddo for 29p? Really? TWENTY-NINE WHOLE PENCE?

10. Getting a drink without the little things that you pop idly while walking down the street is not acceptable.

I am outraged by the lack of poppy things on the top

11. We need more variation in our Fruit Pastilles.

@NestleUK I am appalled at the packed I have purchased. Full of orange and yellow??!!??

Nestle was on the case.

12. While these Polos are a scene of needless horror.

Just opened a packet of polos to find this. I am outraged to say the least.

13. This is a miserable excuse for a chocolate donut.

@Tesco does that look like a chocolate donut to you??? I'm outraged! #ripoff #youoweme60p

14. A solid Haribo ring? Now just what is the point in that?


Note: Haribo responded, pointing out that it did mean there was more Haribo in there.

15. And where is the green? WHERE?

i found afully red cherry. it was watermelon and cherry mixed. I am outraged #tangfastics #Haribo

16. Who can function in a world where things like this are allowed to happen?

17. If you get an advent calendar, and the chocolate is secretly a much smaller shape, not the full size of the door, you have every right to be disappointed.

18. Getting a single piece of the wrong sort of pasta is grounds for a serious complaint.

Just found a macaroni piece in my fusilli!! I am outraged @Tesco this must be rectified!! #mammamia

Note: Tesco actually offered a replacement package for this. Seriously.

19. No one needs this from Starbucks at the start of their day.

20. A Sausage & Egg McMuffin without the sausage is a disgrace.

Ordered a double sausage and egg mccmuffin and I got an egg mccmuffin. @McDonalds I am outraged.

21. Extra pickles, sure, but this...

22. This pizza, frankly, is not OK.

@chicagotown @Tesco I seem to be missing half of my pizza! Just opened it up to find this!

Again, Tesco responded.

23. Getting 11 mozzarella sticks in a box that should have had 12? I think not!


24. Nothing is safe.

25. Anyone would struggle to carry on with their life if this happened to them.

26. A Safari Snack without a face is no Safari Snack at all.

@AldiUK there is no face on one of my safari snacks, to say I am outraged would be an understatement

27. And this face is made of sadness.

@McVities I am outraged, this is just not acceptable.