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25 Things That Totally, Definitely, 100% Absolutely Happened

Oh yeah, we believe you. Sure, that happened. Sure it did. From r/thatHappened

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1. This journey.

2. This epic night out.

3. This conversation on Facebook clearly happened.

4. This selfie that was totally taken by a dog.

5. This highly original idea definitely got a lot of applause.

6. North West, a toddler, also posted this on Instagram.

7. A phone was thrown to the floor, and on the way, captured this perfectly framed image.

8. This holiday that obviously exists.

9. This entire sequence of events.

10. The 3-year-old's level of respect for the troops.

11. This generous Pizza Hut.

12. This child who just LOVES her punishment.

13. These TVs that just appeared from nowhere.



14. This genius baby.

15. This baller who is just unfortunately covering up some of the money.

16. This person who had a nice chat with Ashton Kutcher just because.

17. This tough guy.

18. This fiery comeback.

19. This answer in an exam.

20. This entire event.

21. This moment of religious perfection.

22. This instagram.

23. This offer.

24. These entirely natural eyes, created as the result of a bad accident.

25. This bit of heroism.