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21 Times T In The Park 2015 Got Way Too Intense

2015 was one of the most intense years yet.

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1. The Slam Tent was predictably intense.

Facebook: video.php

2. It got pretty wild.

Loves the slam tent him ⛺️⛺️

3. The weather got pretty real.

4. Everywhere was muddy, which people took advantage of.

Facebook: video.php

5. Really muddy.

6. People started using their shoes as phones.

Ye ken youve had enough when your calling yer maw fae yer shoe! #TITP

7. And their tents as beds.

9. And the air as a camping ground?

When yer by yoursel and you hear that the last night is the worst for folk raiding your tent

10. Tragedies happened.

also Kara drank what she thought was white wine out of a water gun, turns out it was piss #titp2015

11. There was a mini-riot as fans tried to get in to see the Proclaimers.

Facebook: video.php

12. Someone got locked in a tent and abandoned.

@Tinthepark hi im somewhere in green 7 someone has packed me into a tent bag for a joke and I can't get out I don't have much battery left

(He got out)

It's okay everyone my friends unzipped me earlier never been so happy to see the rain

13. This man turned up a tent that wasn't his.

A naked guy has turned up at the campsite and took a shite in someone's tent #TITP2015

14. Then he headed off, but not before making sure he was all cleaned up.

@PaulConnolly88 he actually wiped his arse his his hands then wiped it on his chest😀😀

15. Meanwhile, Avicii didn't even know what city he was in.

Think avicii might eh been a bit lost last night

16. This girl injured her leg really early on and couldn't even get back to the festival.

Actually spewing. Looks like I'm gonna be home to my bed tomoz with crutches after this operation😭 bye bye T in the park

17. This is graphic. Like really graphic.

18. Getting out was tough.

@Tinthepark sad scenes at west pick up point waited 5 hours lying on the cold hard ground to get picked up ty titp xx

19. And then, of course, everything was on fire.

@imbadatlife @JamieRoss7 plenty of that last night too

20. Really, quite on fire.

T in the park is literally on fire #titp @Tinthepark

21. More on fire than a muddy campsite should be, really.