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    23 Of The Absolute Goddamn Worst Things That Could Ever, Ever Happen

    Yeah, this one's probably going to annoy you. H/T: MildlyInfuriating.

    1. This totally unreasonable thing to paint on a bathroom floor.

    2. This powerful art that is really saying something.

    3. And this bollocks.

    4. This crap Nazi.

    5. Who would do this? WHO?

    So I paid this much for some orange juice and this woman has the audacity to pour this Infront of me 😭!

    6. This crime.

    7. This AC light that's on when the AC is off, not on when the AC is on, because the button says AC off when it should say AC on.

    8. Or this car, that someone decided a "T" was too great a luxury for.

    9. Argh. No.

    10. This is the worst floor that has ever happened.

    11. *sigh*

    devastatingly familiar sight to anyone with a crappy internet connection

    12. This sloppy horseshit.

    13. Nickelback ruined this road in two different ways.

    14. This.

    15. The bike that's too good for the bike lane.

    16. This is so fucking uncool.

    17. This absolute fucking bullshit.

    18. This insanity.

    Guys, no, this is not how acronyms work

    19. The tests this teacher set.

    20. This double "fuck you" from a vending machine.

    21. This is making everyone's life unnecessarily complicated.

    22. The worst thing that could ever happen.

    23. Except for this fucking thing drawn on this piece of paper.

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