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    25 Reasons "Friends" Still Gives You Friendship Group Goals

    You know they'll be there for you

    1. You can always tell your friend group exactly how you feel.

    2. And you know that they'll be happy to be honest right back to you.

    3. Brutal honesty is really not a problem.

    4. You can do weird stuff together, and would never dream of judging each other.

    5. In fact, however weird your friends' habits are, you'll let them carry on with them.

    6. Even when they're being very, VERY weird.

    7. You can definitely judge other people though.

    8. You'll always be ready with a compliment for your friends.

    9. There's probably one of you who's just a bit too keen on explaining things.

    10. That one friend who says stupid stuff doesn't bother you.

    11. Hell, even if one of your group is just a bit obsessive, you're fine with that too.

    12. You all agree that the group is most important. Mostly.

    13. So you even want to spend all the holidays together.

    14. Because it's good to be happy together.

    15. There's probably been a hookup or two among your group.

    16. And sometimes it may have worked out.

    17. And even if it hasn't worked, you'll always be friends.

    18. You can play pranks on each other without worrying that it'll ruin your friendship.

    19. And you know each other's weaknesses.

    20. However dorky you are, your friends are just as dorky.

    21. So you're always in sync.

    22. Even on the unusual stuff.

    23. You can enjoy success together.

    24. But you can vent when it all goes wrong.

    25. And you'll always be there for each other.