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    Posted on Oct 13, 2015

    23 Photos That Definitively Prove The Moon Landing Was Faked

    Look, man never landed on the moon. Humans are just too idiotic.

    1. Look at this man, who has painted the roof around him and is now completely stuck. Do you think – do you really think – that humanity ever actually got a man to walk on the moon?

    2. Someone, somewhere, doesn't know which way up a pizza goes, but sure, people definitely figured out manned space flight. That makes TOTAL sense.

    3. If there is a person who doesn't know how cereal bars work, there can't be a person who flew a spaceship for four days to land on a whole new celestial body.

    4. Think about this man who doesn't understand how gym equipment works, and then think about a man stepping out of a spacecraft on to the moon.

    5. These cakes are too complicated, but managing a lunar descent is no problem at all.

    6. This woman has absolutely no idea where her fuel cap is or how anything works, but apparently, allegedly, astronauts rode a rocket filled with fuel out of earth's atmosphere.

    7. Look at this person who tried to shoot a wheelbarrow but actually just shot themselves, then have a long hard think about exactly what it took to get to the moon. Humanity could never have accomplished this.

    8. How could man have walked on the moon when this person doesn't know what thighs are?

    9. How could man have walked on the moon when this person thinks geniuses live in lamps?

    10. How could man have walked on the moon when this girl is trying to pull-start a vacuum cleaner?

    11. How can humanity claim to have touched the face of god, when this person chained their motorcycle to a fucking twig?

    12. Scientists claim to have created spectacular technologies, magnificant machines that create new limits for human ingenuity, but did they? Did they really?

    13. Humans and their technology are clearly flawed, too flawed to land on the moon.

    14. Do you genuinely believe that a species unable to plan ahead enough to write a sign, sent 10,000 pounds of metal to space?

    15. This man lost a fight with a sign, so obviously humanity never made it to the moon.

    16. How can a species that is so confused by physics that it launches innocent hamsters into the air even approach the level of understanding of physics needed for space travel?

    17. A species that just doesn't really get mathematics?

    18. A species that can be confused by the concept of the sun obviously can't make its way into space.

    19. This man, and his choices, simply cannot be part of a species that walked on the windless dust of the moon.

    20. Think about the innumerable calculations, of absurd complexity, apparently required to perfectly guide the spacecraft from Earth over hundreds of thousands of miles, then watch these soldiers throw a rock at a tire, and fall down.

    21. Think about the impossibly precise, careful, cautious actions the astronauts allegedly took to pilot the lunar lander gently on to the surface of the moon, then look at this man kick a bin into his own face.

    22. This list of searches actual humans have made trying to find songs stuck in their heads proves we could never have mastered space flight.

    23. These humans don't understand a frisbee. Humanity never went to the moon.

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