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23 Photos That Definitively Prove The Moon Landing Was Faked

Look, man never landed on the moon. Humans are just too idiotic.

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1. Look at this man, who has painted the roof around him and is now completely stuck. Do you think – do you really think – that humanity ever actually got a man to walk on the moon?


7. Look at this person who tried to shoot a wheelbarrow but actually just shot themselves, then have a long hard think about exactly what it took to get to the moon. Humanity could never have accomplished this.


13. Humans and their technology are clearly flawed, too flawed to land on the moon.


20. Think about the innumerable calculations, of absurd complexity, apparently required to perfectly guide the spacecraft from Earth over hundreds of thousands of miles, then watch these soldiers throw a rock at a tire, and fall down.

21. Think about the impossibly precise, careful, cautious actions the astronauts allegedly took to pilot the lunar lander gently on to the surface of the moon, then look at this man kick a bin into his own face.

23. These humans don't understand a frisbee. Humanity never went to the moon.


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