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25 Savage Things That Will Make You Laugh Despite Yourself

The funniest things are always the most awful.

1. This observation.

2. When someone arranged these.

3. This conversation.

4. This letter of recommendation.

5. This pub sign.

6. This story.

7. MySpace Tom saying this.

8. Basically every single one of these children's answers.

9. When this happened on The Price Is Right.

10. The university that gave someone this email address.

11. This response.

12. And when Wendy's responded with this.

13. Dan Savage talking to a Republican.

14. This treatment of a sim.

15. This whole thing.

16. Basically all of Ryan Reynolds' tweets.

17. This billboard.

18. This assertion.

19. This really useful business card.

20. A lot of the things the Beatles said.

21. Harry Shearer's answer.

22. Goddamn Siri.

23. This tale.

24. This response.

25. And this epic story.