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16 Teams Everyone Competes Against In A Pub Quiz

And loses to, probably.

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1. The winning team who who are still inexplicably angry when they drop a single point.

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They're still going to win. It's not even a competition.

2. The iPhone cheats, desperately and badly hiding their phones under the table.

Channel 4 / Via

Despicable. Except for on question 13, we really need that one. And 17.

3. The team who spend every spare second arguing that they should have extra points.

BBC / Via

The only thing worse than the arguing is when it finally works.

4. The team run by someone who takes it way too seriously.

Channel 4 / Via

The rest of the team are NOT having fun.

5. The team who have one person who yells out the rare answer they know.

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Second only to the person who then aggressively shushes them.

6. The team who started drinking many hours before, and are now struggling to remember how to work a pencil.

Channel 4 / Via

Their answer sheet will inevitably be slightly dampened by beer.

7. The team who quickly realised they're way out of their depth.

Channel 4 / Via

Still trying though, because they already paid their £2.

8. The team who are definitely changing the answers as they mark.

DreamWorks SKG / Via

9. The team who were already in the pub, agreed to do it, but really aren't making an effort.

Initial Pictures / Via

Somehow, they'll still come second.

10. The team who are now just messing about.

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Actually, distracting the other teams is quite a good tactic.

11. The team who aren't doing great, but are very satisfied whenever they actually get a point.

12. The unbelievably disparate group of people who apparently all still know each other.

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They're either a cunningly created super-team, or were all slightly tipsy near each other at the start of the quiz.

13. The team who have somehow come equipped with tactics.

Baby Cow Films / Via

14. The team who have spent most of their time coming up with a terrible, terrible pun as their team name.

BBC / Via

Who spent much longer on the name than their chances of winning would suggest.

15. The team of 'older' regulars.

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They usually do well, but only because they know the Quizmaster, and he's afraid not to give them points.

16. The team who are just a group of friends, having a laugh.

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It'd be good if this was you... but it's probably not.