Yahoo Inadvertently Released Taylor Swift's New Video Early

    The video was for "Blank Space," but has now been pulled.

    The director of the video, Joseph Kahn, expressed some confusion when the video first surfaced online.

    I'll link video later when I think it's clear. I think it may be a mistake on yahoo's part - they may have released it early by accident.

    A few hours later, he confirmed that there had been an error, and that the video had now been pulled.

    Yup. Yahoo effed up. Wait to see the Blank Space video. Let Taylor introduce it herself. It'll be worth it :)

    A source in Swift's camp confirmed to BuzzFeed News that the video's scheduled launch date had been Tuesday.

    So, here's what we know about the video. It starts with Taylor chilling out in her bedroom, with her actual cat Olivia.

    Oh, and some horses, obvs.

    Then this chap turns up.

    They do all sorts of glamorous activities, like horse-riding.

    But then, Sean, if that is his real name, does something wrong.

    It all gets a bit intense.

    And Taylor goes H.A.M on "Sean" and his car.

    You wouldn't like Taylor when she's angry.

    She will set your stuff on fire.