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    28 Things All "It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia" Fans Will Laugh At

    Involves Bird Law. And rum hams.

    1. This shift planner.

    2. This security question.

    3. This crisp flavour.

    4. This headstone.

    5. This news story.

    6. It's an epidemic of donkey-brained people.

    7. Seriously.

    8. This restaurant.

    9. This yearbook quote.

    10. This Tinder profile.

    11. This photobomb.

    12. This dissertation.

    13. And this law office.

    14. And this one as well.

    15. This perfect Animporphs book.

    16. This Halloween costume.

    17. This license plate.

    18. This clear conspiracy.

    19. This Wi-Fi name.

    20. This sign that was clearly written by Charlie Kelly.

    21. This body pillow.

    22. This door.

    23. And this one.

    24. This perfect political poster.

    25. This system.

    26. This product.

    27. This lawyer who very clearly wanted his hands to be in the shot.

    28. And finally, this boat name.