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17 Soggy Biscuit Photos That Will Just Plain Horrify You

No British person should actually have to go through this.

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1. Everyone hates a soggy biscuit.

2. As soon as it happens you'll regret everything.

3. You'll question your life choices that led you to this point.

4. How did it all go so wrong?

5. It's a crushing moment, one that will haunt you later in life.

6. Sometimes, on a dark night, when you're alone, you'll remember it.

7. And wince at the memory.

8. It's a rite of passage all British people seem to go through.

9. Emotionally, you'll never quite be the same.

10. It'll start out well, before suddenly getting much much worse.

11. And then it's just a waking nightmare.

15. Why is this ever allowed to happen.

16. No-one should have to go through this.