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    28 Winter Pictures That You'll Find Intensely Satisfying

    Snow and ice can satisfy you more than you ever thought possible.

    1. Well, just look at this perfect cake of snow.

    2. And this elegantly rolled drift.

    3. Then these flawlessly spaced mounds of snow.

    4. And these.

    5. This line is spectacular.

    6. You can't sit on it now, but that's OK, because it's better like this.

    7. It's like a perfectly made bed.

    8. And this ice has folded like a stack of towels.

    9. Don't you want to do this so much right now?

    10. ~CRACK~

    11. The sun and the snow are working together just to make you a little bit happier.

    12. See?

    13. Where there's snow, there are pristine moulds of snow.

    14. And skis that cut straight through the snow.

    15. When it builds up on benches it looks like it should be the most comfortable thing in the world.

    16. And this snow could not have curled any better.

    17. Unless it made this elegant wave.

    18. This snow slipped down the wires.

    19. And the snow on these tables looks very cool.

    20. This leaf got stuck in the snow and blown around and around and around.

    21. Here's the perfect snowball.

    22. And here's an entire pile of them.

    23. This is an impeccably circular piece of ice.

    24. You probably want a submarine now.

    25. Snow offers so many opportunities for flawless creations.

    26. Juuuuuust right.

    27. Three neatly assembled piles of fresh snow are what you need to see right now.

    28. You might not be able to get out of the house, but do you really want to, when you can look at this?

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