23 Faces That Are Way, Way Too Real In 2k15

    These things that are supposed to make our lives so much easier really just don't.

    1. When you're trying to take a screenshot and your phone just locks instead.

    2. When it's the middle of the night and you check your phone, but the brightness is way, WAY up.

    3. When you're at a party alone, and your phone is about to die.

    4. When you're trying to send a really quick text but you can't get it out before your phone dies.

    5. When you wake up and discover your goddamn phone wasn't actually plugged in.

    6. When someone is using your phone to take selfies and you can't stop them.

    7. When you forget to take your phone to a party.

    8. When you're in the shower and hear your phone vibrating.

    9. When someone you don't want to talk to rings your phone, and you have wait for it to stop ringing until you can use it again.

    10. When you're using your phone in bed, and then drop it on your face.

    11. When you go to the toilet but forget your phone.

    12. When you know someone has their phone but they still can't be bothered to text back.

    13. Or when you responded within minutes but it's taken them so long to reply, and you KNOW they didn't put their phone down that quickly.

    14. When you're trying to find your stupid phone.

    15. When someone nearly figures out your pincode.

    16. When you give your phone to someone to look at a photo but they keep swiping.

    17. When your phone autocorrects fucking to ducking. Again.

    18. When you've been watching videos on your phone, and then realise your Wi-Fi is turned off.

    19. When you suddenly realise your phone isn't in your pocket like you thought it was.

    20. When someone asks you to text them, despite goddamn knowing that phones work TWO WAYS.

    21. When you accidentally open the WhatsApp from someone you don't want to talk to, and know they've seen the ticks turn blue so you have to reply.

    22. When your selfies are 🔥 but your phone runs out of memory.

    23. When your phone says it still has 19% battery and it dies.