31 Reasons You Should Get Rid Of Your Smartphone Immediately

Just live your life. Without it.

1. You can leave work and not carry on getting emails.

You can actually be off work.

2. You’ll never have to stare at your phone wondering why someone hasn’t replied again.

3. You’ll NEVER feel that buzz in your pocket that you think is a text, and then it turns out to be nothing.

ABC / Via vulture.com

4. You’ll be able to have a meal without feeling the urge to Instagram it.

Disney / Via dimazub.tumblr.com

5. Which also means you’ll never enrage everyone else in the restaurant.

6. You’ll never post a drunk tweet again, and wake up to an RT-based Twitterstorm.

7. You’ll never drunkenly make a status update that reveals your innermost feelings to the world.

TV Land / Via funnycutegifs.com

Or at least, your friends, family, some people you once met at bars and a bunch of people who you don’t really know.

8. You’ll never have to worry about getting the Vine to juuuust the right length again.

9. Or being ‘mayor’ of anywhere.

It’s just a little bit lame…

10. You can walk around the streets without music and actually engage with the world around you.

11. Not to mention you’re much less likely to get run over because you’re paying attention.

12. You’ll never post an ‘amazing’ selfie that turns out to be just terrible when you see it on a full-size screen.

You’ll also not look ridiculous because when taking selfies.

13. Or miss exciting things going on around you because you’re too busy taking a selfie.

14. Instead of using your terrible phone camera, you can start using an actual camera and taking better photos.

15. You’ll never have the uncontrollable urge to check your likes, shares, comments, RTs, favourites or anything, ever again.

Comedy Central / Via comedycentral.tumblr.com

Well, you might for a little bit. But it’ll go away.

16. The tedious conversation about exactly what features your phone has will never happen again.

17. The ‘very latest’ app will hold no temptation for you.

BBC / Via giphy.com

18. ‘Augmented Reality’ will thankfully never be a thing.

Nor will any other weird fads.

19. You’ll never have to worry about data plans again.

And how they don’t actually do what you want them to do.

20. Instead of just WhatsApp-ing people from your sofa, you’ll start meeting up with them.

21. You won’t be able to keep cancelling plans, so you might see people in real life!

Which will make you a better person.

22. You’ll never be tethered by the tyranny of a low battery ever again.

Warner Bros. Entertainment / Via moviegifss.tumblr.com

23. Or have to ask to charge your phone in a bar.

Bartenders hate it. Really, really hate it.

24. You’ll never accidentally leave it on and have it go off at an inopportune time.


25. You can meet people in real life, rather than just swiping right.

Walt Disney Pictures / Via giphy.com

26. You won’t have to worry about your location being tracked by advertisers.

The CW / Via giphy.com

And, y’know, the NSA.

27. You’ll never have to decode a bizarre text message again.

28. Walking down the street won’t be dangerous any more, because you’ll be able to focus.

29. Breaking your phone won’t be a worry ever again.

30. You can actually get lost, and be able to find some hidden, unknown part of the world.

31. You can have freedom…

Castle Rock Entertainment / Via reddit.com

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