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23 Times "Scrubs" Got Way, Way Too Real

Because it was best when it wasn't funny at all.

1. When Dr. Cox explained how the world actually works.

2. When it nailed the problems with Christmas.

3. When this hard fact of hospital life was stated.

4. Except that on that day, the odds were much lower than that.

5. Especially after this.

6. When Carla had to call Elliot out.

7. When Micheal J. Fox guest-starred and showed the reality of living with a chronic condition.

8. When Ben showed up, but didn't show up for long enough.

9. And this happened.

10. When Dr. Cox gave this all-too-true advice.

11. When J.D. just couldn't get what he wanted.

12. When J.D. summed up loneliness.

13. When J.D. actually expressed himself.

14. When the worst happened for Dr. Cox.

15. And J.D. couldn't help.

16. Right up until he actually could.

17. When Turk finally realised the real reason behind the dark humour of medical professionals.

18. When Laverne furiously defended her faith.

19. Right before she got hit by a car.

20. And everyone had to say good-bye.

21. When Dr. Cox gave J.D. the acceptance he craved.

22. And finally accepted J.D.

23. And then, of course, when it actually ended.