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People Are Actually Losing Their Shoes On Escalators

You should probably take the stairs more.

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Escalators are stairs without the work, and so are a wonderful invention.

And there's also that bit at the top, which you may have thought about chewing you up and dragging you down. But surely it's easy to avoid? Surely?

Dontree_m / Getty Images

This person didn't.

Look at this shoe being dragged under to its doom.

A shoe stuck on the down escalator lol. Never seen this before lol. Hopefully nobody hurt.

Sucked down into those gears.

Only at OU the escalator would be broke because some kid got his shoe stuck

This person lost their poor shoe.

the escalator tried to eat my sisters shoe

And so did this person.

So the escalator ate @ryaha9 shoe 👡 #wat

Sure, this person managed to get out.

Got my shoe stuck in an escalator today

And this guy made it out, just.

So @harrymorrison got his shoe stuck in the escalator at London Bridge! Hilarious.

Someone's foot was actually in this shoe when it got caught.

And someone's foot was in this one before it got caught.

Okay umm so the escalator stopped working because there's a shoe stuck in it. 😳

An escalator did this to someone's shoes.

My shoe just got caught in escalator at Reading Station.

Even people wearing sandals have been caught.

The escalator ate my shoe!!!!! #sos #galleriaprobz #sorrytory

Think about how close this person's toes would have been to that metal.

Reece got his shoe stuck in the escalator at the airport and it ate it

But surely, surely no one's toes would actually get stuck, would they?

Of course not. You don't have to reveal this. You can live the rest of your life knowing the escalators are always safe. Or you can reveal it.

Suddenly this looks so much more threatening.

BRB, taking the stairs.