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    23 Photos That Will Make Anyone Who Works In IT Satisfied

    Some happiness for the real heroes of the 21st century.

    1. Just look. Be soothed.

    2. It's so lovely.

    3. All those cables, so perfectly arranged.

    4. Remarkably, these are actually in the exact same spot.

    5. All this order is just so useful.

    6. If your cables looks this good, you should be displaying them.

    7. And whichever brave person took this on and came out the other side deserves a medal.

    8. And this person should too.

    9. Flawless.

    10. Just truly lovely.

    11. There's nothing better to look at.

    12. It's all just so neat.

    13. Put this shit in the MOMA.

    14. I mean, come ON, look at this.

    15. All cables should look as good as this.

    16. All server rooms should get made over like this.

    17. Looks so good.

    18. Looks so right.

    19. And it's so important.

    20. How it should be.

    21. How to make the world a better place.

    22. In one easy move.

    23. Perfect.

    From r/cableporn.