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    21 Faces Every Sarcastic Person Will Instantly Recognise

    How can you not tell that I'm being sarcastic right now?

    1. The "Wait, Was That A Joke Or Not?" Face.

    2. The "I Know You Can't Tell If I'm Being Sarcastic Or Not" Face.

    3. The "I Can't Believe You Just Took That Seriously" Face.


    4. The "I Don't Understand How You Don't Get This" Face.


    5. The "I Can't Believe I Have To Tell You I Was Joking" Face.

    6. The "No One Got That Joke" face.

    7. The "You Never Appreciate My Incredible Jokes" Face.

    8. The "You Don't Understand My Entire Personality" Face.

    9. The "I'm Sorry My Sarcasm Offended You" Face.

    NBC / Via Twitter: @_cicipls

    10. The "I Said Something Sarcastic And Now Everyone Is Having A Serious Conversation About It" Face.

    11. The "You Never Get It So I'm Going To Be Really Obvious That I'm Being Sarcastic" Face.

    12. The "I Don't Even Know What I'm Doing Any More" Face.

    13. The "I Didn't Mean To Mock You But That Is Definitely What I'm Doing" Face.

    14. The "Someone Just Described My Sense Of Humour As An Acquired Taste" Face.

    Oxygen / Via Twitter: @maia__y

    15. The "Sincere Compliments Make Me Uncomfortable" Face.

    Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer / Via

    16. The "I Am Excited, I'm Just Not Very Good At Showing It" Face.

    17. The "Sorry, I Can't Really Turn The Sarcasm Off" Face.

    18. The "I'd Rather Deal With My Emotions With Sarcasm Than By Actually Engaging With Them" Face.

    Castle Rock Entertainment / Via

    19. The "No, No, I Actually Am Not Making A Joke This Time" Face.

    Happy Madison / Via

    20. The "Fake Laughter" Face.

    NBC / Via

    21. The "Eh, I'm Still The Funniest Person In The Room" Face.

    NBC / Via