This Might Be The Weirdest Facebook Meme That You've Ever Seen

    Why do people love seeing the same picture every single day?

    If you use Facebook regularly, you may have seen pages that post the same picture of a celebrity every single day.

    Some of them are, naturally, based around incredibly important pictures of celebrities. For instance, this picture of The Rock should be seen by everyone on Earth at least once a day.

    When people don't see the picture they expect every day, they sometimes become concerned.

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    Other pages post more unexpected pictures.

    And when the same picture is posted, every single day, it recieves dozens of comments and shares.

    This picture of Trevor McDonald, for instance, is very popular.

    However, apparently disappointed by the lack of pictures featuring their faves, people have taken to setting up their own pages.

    And there are many, many of these.

    So very many, with so many different fandoms represented.

    Many of them are really very surprising.

    Everything you could ever want is represented.

    However niche you want them to be.

    But there are still so very, very many.

    They include appreciation of pictures of middling '90s Crystal Palace players, politicians, and foodstuffs.

    And go on forever.

    Unfortunately, some of the pages have slowly become disused, like this Carlton page that hasn't posted since 4 May.

    Others have prompted parodies, like this Chris Pratt group.

    Which led to this group, rating the comments on the same picture of Chris Pratt every day.

    And then this one.

    And this alternate version.

    Or this Homer Simpson page.

    Which led to this group, claiming to post the same picture of Homer Simpson every day, but actually posting a picture of Bart Simpson instead.

    This deception made some people quite upset.

    Facebook: HomerSimpsonEveryday

    The original version of these pages appears to be a single-serving Tumblr about Dave Coulier, which has been running since 2011.

    This then found a home on other areas on the internet, including Facebook and Instagram.

    Recently, The Daily Dot interviewed Aron Littleton, the man behind the original, where he explained his reasoning for starting the blog, which he is still running manually after almost five years.

    I wanted people to laugh, but I also wanted to create something that's unchangeable online, because it's something that people can count on. If you need to count on something, you can count on the same picture of Dave Coulier every day.

    Some of these pages have broken out into more mainstream publications: Death And Taxes called the Glenn Danzig version the best Facebook page in the World.

    Meanwhile, an academic paper Everyday the Same Picture: Popularity and Content Diversity, was written about this Italian page for the singer Tuto Cutugno.

    That page, in turn, received its own parodies, such as this one that only posts photoshops of the original picture.

    So while it's not clear why people love these pages, it's definitely clear that people really, really love that they exist.