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28 Photos That Will Brighten Every Pun Lover's Day

Come pun, come all.

1. Look, it's not all bad.

2. Sure, sometimes it feel like your life is going down the drain.

3. Things are a little rocky.

4. Maybe you can't find your room.

5. Or there was a leak you've had to clog.

6. Maybe your plans have been foiled.

7. Or you've got a worrying mole on your arm.

8. And you worry that one day you'll end up benched.

9. But think about positive things! You could bench press!

10. Drink some extra hoppy beer!

11. Enjoy important bits of culture, like The Fantastick Four!

12. Maybe spring is just around the corner.

13. You should believe in yourself.

14. Put it all on the line.

15. Think about the small victories in life, like how Mac supports Windows now.

16. Make use of all the time on your hands.

17. You should listen to your favourite band.


18. Eat your favourite burger from McDonald's.

19. You could learn something, like the periodic table.

20. Get some comfort food.

21. Maybe you just need a little pot.

22. But don't be baked in class.

23. And you don't want to anything really illegal, like money laundering.

24. You could just go to the bar and check out their walk-in.

25. Or get some baking soda and make a cake.

26. Maybe you should take a holiday! Head to Australia, for example.

27. Or somewhere colder, if you prefer that, like the capital of Russia.

28. And remember, dreams might come true.

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