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    23 Puns So Awful They Should Never Be Allowed

    Really, these are just too bad.

    1. This Adele cover.

    2. This struggle.

    3. This.

    4. This sign.

    5. This target demographic.

    6. This film.

    7. This conversation.

    8. This highlight of my day!

    9. This tweet.

    10. The start of this famous speech.

    11. This ghost caught on tape.

    12. This perfection.

    13. This paradox.

    14. This superb ad.

    15. This Tinder profile.

    16. This sign.

    17. This tattoo.

    18. This furniture.

    19. This song.

    20. And everything about this.

    21. Finally though, it's important to remember that when the plot thickens...

    22. It's the little things that count...

    23. And you can always rewrite history.

    From r/puns

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