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21 Times "Portlandia" Explained Living In 2016 Perfectly

I do miss the internet when I'm away from it.

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1. When you go outside.

2. When you see what people are actually wearing out in the world.

3. When you meet one of those people who are ~cool~.

4. When you read too many newspaper studies.

5. When you try to exercise.

6. When you eat.

7. When you try to watch anything.

8. When you try to be a more responsible person.

9. And when you're just trying to be on trend.

10. When you look at social media.

11. When you go to any restaurant in 2016.

12. When you eat anywhere in 2016.

13. When you try to be positive about yourself.

14. When you try to be ~cool~.

15. When you're trying to be polite.

16. When there are bros.

17. When you're trying to understand the new trends.

18. And when you're really trying to appreciate them.

19. When the worst happens.

20. When you meet people.

21. Whenever anything happens.