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    19 Photos That Will Make You Feel Weirdly Dirty

    And they will make you uncomfortable.

    1. This is just someone innocently cutting food who is not being unhygienic by whipping their dick out at all.

    2. These instructions are not about a dick in any way. Why would they be?!

    3. This yoghurt is just yoghurt and nothing else.

    4. This is just a wine bottle with a cool label that does not feature anything remotely NSFW.

    5. Don't you hate water stains, like this one that's just random and isn't a penis?

    6. This is a tree, and a tree is all it is. Of course.

    7. This piece of wood in no way contains any butts.

    8. This oyster is just an oyster and has no pretensions to being anything else.

    9. This picture is not even slightly of a butthole, but is actually just a man blowing his nose.

    10. A nice rock. That is in no way a vulva.

    11. Just some dough. Hanging out. Clearly not testicles. No sir.

    12. What a nice, innocent-looking vegetable.

    13. Ah, someone engaging in a fun activity. The activity of reading a book. What a fun activity. There is definitely no one going down on anyone here. Just someone reading a book.

    14. Of course there isn't a dick here. It's just an egg!

    15. Maybe it would go well with this garlic, which of course is not female genitalia at all.

    16. And this carrot could be included as well! Because it is just a carrot, and not a dick.

    17. Same for these tomatoes.

    18. This bristly pink thing is not a penis.

    19. Oh, and this...thing is also not a penis. At all.