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    26 People Who Got So Damn Lucky

    Not people to ever play cards against.

    1. This woman who will probably check jumps more carefully in future.

    2. This athlete's shining moment.


    4. This pilot's mid-air dodge.

    5. This child.

    6. This deer who was just out for a walk.

    7. This guy who neatly evaded a bit of a problem.

    8. This person trying to get a drink.

    9. This driver who was lucky to find a deer that knew parkour.

    10. This remarkably fortunate skidding driver.

    11. This motorcyclist.

    12. This driver who displayed some poor judgement.

    13. Everyone near this car.

    14. This cyclist who didn't look both ways.

    15. This person determined to cross the road.

    16. This terrible basketball player.

    17. This boat that started moving at just the right time.

    18. This microlight pilot making an excellent decision.

    19. This biker who totally meant to do that.

    20. This bird cutting it very fine.

    21. This guy.

    22. This biker keeping everything under control.

    23. This skateboarder who everything could have gone much worse for.

    24. This diver who avoided getting up close with a shark.

    25. This race driver who won't be stopped.

    26. This cameraman.