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22 People At The Exact Moment The Universe Kicked Them In The Balls

When the universe slaps you down, it hurts.

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1. This cyclist who over-estimated his abilities.

2. This guy who got way too enthusiastic for the photograph.

3. This ballerina who is unlikely to be a ballerina much longer.

4. This young child with a dog that decided the baths have been the wrong way around.

5. This girl whose guinea pig was hungry.

6. This guy whose face is about to get pretty cold.

7. This guy who wasn't paying quite enough attention.

8. This girl whose friend doesn't understand gravity.

9. These kids who might get wet.

10. This guy who seems to have dropped something.

11. This guy whose friend is about to cause him some pain.

12. This woman who might have a slightly mean husband.

13. This guy who probably made a bad decision to climb a pole.

14. This girl who's just not getting much help.

15. This guy's unfortunate moment at his own wedding.

16. This kid whose whip is clearly over-powered.

17. The city cyclist who found steering easier not to do.

18. This wakeboarder.

19. This kid who found sitting a bit too complicated.

20. This person who also tried a bit too hard to get into the picture.

21. This skateboarder who also over-estimated their ability to deal with the road.

22. This kid getting literally kicked in the balls.