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    31 People Who Embody The True Spirit Of Anarchy

    Rebel! In discreet and non-damaging ways!

    1. The person who took this stapler away from Floor 4, and on a world tour.

    2. Whoever wants to make people pay eight pounds for Seven Pounds.

    3. This Bill Murray fan.

    4. The person who wants to make America Great (Britain) Again!

    5. The pharmacists who, let's be honest, probably flout this rule occasionally.

    6. This mutineer.

    7. The person who won't accept your End User License Agreement. Fight the power of the End User License Agreement!

    8. The gamer who just doesn't give a damn.

    9. This seagull, who follows no laws set by man or dog.

    10. And this bird, who won't listen to authority.

    11. The person who won't accept rules from anywhere.

    12. This act of rebellion.

    13. The person who created this perfect sign.

    14. This person who is using all three of their hands to break the rules.

    15. This rebellious shopper.

    16. The student who won't work to your bullshit implications.

    17. And this student, who knows who they are.

    18. The sandwich maker who'll never adhere to arbitrary sandwich guidelines.

    19. Guy Standing, but when Guy Standing is sitting, not standing.

    20. This beer drinker who won't be restrained by your prescriptivist beer placement rules.

    21. This climber.

    22. This driver.

    23. The barista who doesn't care about what is expected of them.

    24. The child who doesn't care what society thinks.

    25. The person who won't be controlled by some damn cutlery.

    26. This photographer.

    27. And Taylor Swift.

    28. This cat just doing what cats do.

    29. All of these artists.

    30. This rebel who's too hungry to care.

    31. And finally, this rebel.