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    28 Of The Worst Things That Have Ever Happened To Pasta

    Make pasta great again.

    1. Look, we've all had some pasta fails. Everyone has dropped a box of pasta at some point.

    2. Or left it a little too long. It's sad when it happens but, sure, it's understandable.

    3. Maybe we can even excuse a complete failure to drain.

    4. We can pardon this watery mess. Maybe.

    5. But when it starts to look like this pasta bake it gets pretty damn sad.

    6. Things like the Domino's bread bowl are just an affront to pasta.

    7. And overcooking pasta this much is reprehensible.

    8. This is just insane.

    9. And to burn it, and then throw it everywhere is really taking it to new levels.

    10. Frying ravioli is not acceptable.

    11. Neither is this artistic, but ultimately failed, attempt.

    12. Eating out of this "bowl" is not cool.

    13. Beans? Really?

    14. Barbecue sauce on pasta is surreal.

    15. Why would anyone do this?

    16. Why would anyone take good, pure pasta and do this to it?

    17. It's just shameful.

    18. What even is this. This really is not good.

    19. It's so wrong.

    20. Pasta in a bagel? Fuck, sure, why not. We've gone this far.

    21. On a sesame seed bun. OK! Why the fuck not!

    22. Oh, just throw a hot dog on it. And some fries. Fine. Whatever.

    23. Hahaha.


    25. Oh god is that mayonnaise? I think that's mayonnaise.

    26. Stop. JUST stop. Why.

    27. Hey, here's some soup and pasta and STRAWBERRIES AND PEACHES. Fucking hell, people. Fucking hell.

    28. Well, at least pizza is still safe...OH FUCK OFF.

    I'm sorry for subjecting you to this.