34 Photos That Will Make You Say "Me As A Parent"

    Oh, yeah, I would totally do that, I should never be a parent.

    1. Having children seems complicated. There are a lot of risks involved.

    2. Pranking kids seems fun, but are you supposed to?

    3. Supporting them at all costs is definitely a thing, so this must be the right thing to do.

    4. You should also teach them a lesson sometimes. Because the world is tough.

    5. Fuckin' losers.

    6. Nap time is for everyone.

    7. And when you gotta send a text, you gotta send a text.

    8. This seems like a legit response?

    9. And this is just plain funny.

    10. Because the world is tough, and judgment comes from all angles. So you should also judge your kids harshly.

    11. You can't just let them have a free ride. The world is going to be hard, and they need to learn that from a young age.

    12. Yes, you should challenge your children.

    13. But also, kids should be encouraged to take a win wherever they can get it.

    14. When they're older, they'll appreciate the joke. So it's all fine.

    15. They'll look at these pictures and laugh along with you.

    16. Superb.

    17. You can't be afraid to fuck with your kids.

    18. They'll grow to love it.

    19. There's joy behind those eyes really.

    20. You are supposed to do crafts with children. But this might happen, which, idk, is it an acceptable risk?

    21. You can be helpful, or not sometimes.

    22. This is fine.

    23. A great costume.

    24. Be fun to your kids.

    25. Life hacks are useful and never a problem.

    26. Encourage them.

    27. Make sure they follow in your footsteps, every time.

    28. This is a thing that you shouldn't do, right? You shouldn't kick the demon children?

    29. This, on the other hand, seems eminently logical.

    30. Same here. This baby is nicely out of the way.

    31. And this one! Look, the baby is involved. It's all very happy.

    32. Making sure your child feels involved at all times is good parenting.

    33. Playing with your kids is great!

    34. And at the end of the day, you should take pride in other children's failures. That's the true meaning of parenthood.