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    23 People Who Prove Old-School Cool Is The Ultimate Cool

    Users of the subreddit Old School Cool collect amazing vintage photos. Sometimes they share the personal backstories behind them.

    2. Three children striking a pose on a Jamaican street.

    3. "My mum and dad in the '70s."

    4. A brightly dressed couple during the 1970s.

    5. "My grandparents out on a date night in the early 1950s."

    6. A group of greasers hanging out in New York City in the 1950s.

    8. A woman hitchhiking back to New York after a festival in 1969.

    9. "My dad in his 20s."

    10. A woman at the French seaside in the 1950s.

    11. "My dad teaching math in southern California (late '70s/early '80s)."

    12. A young child wearing a Mickey Mouse hat in 1950.

    13. "My grandpa ... looking cool as balls back in 1958."

    14. A woman selling flowers by the side of the road in the '70s.

    16. A young girl dancing at Woodstock.

    17. "My dad skateboarding at Hyde school, 1982. I think he was cooler than me."

    18. A chess game between showgirls in New York.

    19. "My dad, the badass sheriff, during the '90s."

    20. Ice-skaters in the 1930s, when the sport was clearly a more formal affair.

    22. Side-eye sass from the 1950s.

    23. "My grandparents on Horseneck Beach, 1952."