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    17 Reasons Old Man Pubs Are Obviously The Best Pubs

    Cheap ale and pub dogs.

    1. Their customers are brilliantly eccentric.

    2. They still have pub games that you can actually play.

    3. And that's TRUE pub games. Like skittles.

    4. They're always no-nonsense sort of places.

    5. They don't even pretend to give a shit about you.

    6. You can usually find a meat raffle at them, which is obviously brilliant.

    7. They never care about being cool, so they just do whatever's fun.

    8. The decor is always unique. And actually unique, not the fake unique you find in hipster bars that actually all look the same.

    9. Though the decor is frequently unexplainable.

    10. And may include collections of beer labels that have clearly got massively out of hand.

    11. Pub dogs feature in many old man pubs.

    12. Good real ale is available.

    13. One brand of which will be intensely local with an innuendo-laden name, and still be very nice.

    14. And beer will always be poured properly.

    15. The concept of the old man pub transcends international borders.

    16. But the most important thing about old man pubs is that they're always, always welcoming.

    17. Well, that and the beer's cheap.

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