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    29 Times Tumblr Completely Got What It Means To Be British

    "Remember that time Britain got literally the entire subcontinent of Asia hooked on opiates so they could get more tea?"

    1. When they nailed the relationship between David Cameron and Ed Miliband.

    2. When they clocked the subtle regional differences that make the people of the British Isles so diverse.

    3. When they summed up the best of British TV with two pictures.

    4. When a totally normal sentence suddenly became a signifier for all things British.

    5. When they uncovered the real secret behind Darwinism.

    6. When four GIFs of Hugh Laurie revealed more about Britishness than you thought possible.

    7. When Tom Hiddleston was the mythical cute British boy of Tumblr's dreams.

    8. When a British person stumbled upon the horrible truth of American chocolate.

    9. When they suggested another awkward reading of colonial history.

    10. When the entire history of Europe was boiled down to one sassy exchange.

    11. When they stumbled upon a typical British magazine headline.

    12. When British people completely shut down quirky Anglophiles.

    13. When they discussed the cute British accent everyone keeps going on about.

    14. When they shipped America and England.

    15. When nobody else in the world understood Guy Fawkes Night.

    16. When someone needed a quick reminder exactly who James Bond was.

    17. When England reminded everyone it's always there, lurking.

    18. When this is exactly what British people say during sex.

    19. When they realised they don't want all British people to live with them.

    20. When they just perfectly understood Boris Johnson.

    21. When they celebrated British enthusiasm at the Olympics.

    22. When they destroyed the idea of a "cute English boyfriend".

    23. When they remembered how the rest of the world can unite over their dislike of England.

    24. When they explained British TV to non-British people.

    25. When they remembered the lessons from the Great Storm of 2013.

    26. When they perfectly illustrated British courtship rituals.

    27. When they referred to the original Chris Evans.

    28. When they understood the true aim of the Eurovision Song Contest.

    29. When they asked a British person about the price of Freddo's.