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Everyone Thinks Montenegro's Eurovision Entry Is George Galloway

So that's what he's up to now.

As soon as Montenegro's act went on stage, British people noticed he looked very familiar.

George Galloway now singing for Montenegro #Eurorvision2015

The evidence was mounting up.

George Galloway hasn't tweeted for the last hour. Coincidence? I don't think so #Eurovision2015

Those lyrics from the Montenegro act were weird.

It seemed clear.

Wonder what George Galloway has been doing since he lost his seat, I think Montenegro might know... #Eurovision

George Galloway's taking the Montenegro vote now #Eurovision2015

Did ex-MP @georgegalloway find a new career singing for Montenegro? That's a second time this month he won't win

Montenegro's entry for #Eurovision - so THAT's what George Galloway's doing these days.

Some were heartened by the news.

Good to see George Galloway bouncing back after his election defeat #Eurovision2015 #mne

George Galloway has taken the Bradford West result well... #eurovision

George Galloway making up for a disapointing election by representing #MNE at #Eurovision2015

Well, at least George Galloway has found paid work. #Montenegro #Eurovision2015

Who knew George Galloway could sing..?! #Montenegro #BBCEurovision

But of course, there were concerns.

I suggest anyone who doesn't want to get sued should stop talking about George Galloway's #eurovision entry

George Galloway's evil plan to sabotage the Israeli entry is almost complete... #Eurovision2015

I heard George Galloway is going to sue #Montenegro for plagerising image rights #Eurovision2015

And although some people were disappointed with his performance...

Montenegro was doing well until they let George Galloway on the stage. #PotkinOnEurovision

...he'll be glad to know there were a few supporters.

Well done George Galloway! #MNE #Eurovision2015

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