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37 Cringeworthy Tattoos That Will Destroy Your Faith In Humanity

Can you make it through this post without cringing? NSFW, because people tattoo stuff everywhere.

1. This is true, unless you are the letter D.

2. Un-like.

3. This includes spellcheck systems.

4. Never don't get this tattoo.

5. Important reminder:

6. This person will never regret this.

7. Because Australia.

8. No.

9. All these people have a fundamental misunderstanding of how an anchor works.

10. Broom broom.

11. This is why couples' tattoos are a bad idea.

12. There are just so many questions here.

13. Some rebels can't be contained.

14. Because people are just badasses.

15. Who don't care what you think.

16. And make powerful life choices.

17. The dentist must love this.

18. These people do appear to have lived up to their hashtag.

19. This is a very optimistic tattoo.

20. Sure.

21. This tattoo is the Bud Light of tattoos.

22. This is a picture of the Seattle skyline. Allegedly.

23. This is a very sincere declaration of love.

24. People are passionate about fast food.

25. Sometimes tattoos represent achievement.

26. It's really annoying when you get raisins in a storm.

27. In fairness, this correction had to be made.

28. Hopefully he found a pen.

29. This is a very romantic tattoo.

30. This is also a very romantic tattoo.

31. Just an uncanny likeness.

32. This is so unnecessary.

33. Note: If you are "spewing pussy", you are doing it wrong.

34. Points for honesty?

35. Strong, clearly expressed goals.

36. This probably needs to be done a second time.

37. Cool tattoo, bro.