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25 Things No British Person Ever Wants To Hear

"Let's talk about our feelings."

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1. "You're never going to have a Nando's black card."

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2. "I ALWAYS put the milk in first."

3. "Piers Morgan is coming back to Britain."

4. "This historic London pub is soon to become luxurious, secure apartments."

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5. "I'm pretty meh on Marmite to be honest."

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6. "I've just made all the teas the same, hope that's OK."

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7. "Actually, I never get hangovers!"

8. "Do we really need to get drunk just because it's a bank holiday?"

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9. "There's a rail replacement bus service."

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10. "I don't think it's a problem that Freddos are more expensive now."

11. "It's fine, we can just take the night bus."

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12. "How am I doing? Let me tell you."

13. "Soccer."

14. "Tell us a little bit about yourself."

15. "Now, if you could just present your ideas to the group."

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16. "You can clearly see that it was a header from Maradona."

17. "Do you mean hot tea, with a teabag?"

18. "Let's talk about our feelings."

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19. "Unexpected item in bagging area."

20. "It might be 2am, but all the kebab shops are closed."

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21. "I know we're on a train, but let's just get a soft drink."

22. "The drinking of alcohol is not permitted on these premises."

23. "Actually, the Gregg's is closing down."

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24. "I got you a half, is that OK?"

25. "Last orders."

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