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29 Fails As Magnificent As You Could Ever Hope For

Fail binds humanity together.

1. This disaster that is all too real.

2. This minor layout issue.

That awkward moment when two print ads use the same stock photo.

3. This slightly confusing advert.

4. This water balloon prank.

5. This epic video that ends in the most inevitable way.

(You should have the sound on. Seriously.)

6. A truly delicious Colorado omelette.

7. This slide that maybe, just maybe, needs some tweaking.

8. This probable slight regret.

Late entry for the best thing to come out of T in the Park.

9. This clear demonstration that basketball trick shots aren't for everyone.

10. And neither are giant inflatable balls.

11. This frog that's just so damn mean.

So I found a frog and I liked him and then he attacked me

12. This wedding dance that didn't go as well as hoped.

13. This accident that finally happened IRL.

14. This bird that just hasn't quite figured it all out.

15. This reason Katy Perry always uses a microphone strap now.

16. This one kid, who got away with something everyone once wanted to do.

17. This baby lion who just wants to keep up with his friend.

18. This inevitability.

19. This sign failure that the people have been waiting for for so long.

20. This proof that the robots will never win.

21. This fake-out.

22. This misunderstanding.

23. This dog who just couldn't put it all together.

24. This dodge that ends somewhat poorly.

25. This balloon that probably should never have been allowed to happen.

26. This attempt at making waffles.

27. This piece of acrobatics.

28. This disturbing newspaper arrangement.

29. And this very strong argument never to get in a boat ever again.