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    25 Reasons You Should Never Have A Vegetarian Diet

    Ew, vegetables.

    1. Mozzarella sticks might be vegetarian, but do you really want to eat them?

    2. You just wouldn't enjoy eating these.

    3. Surely no-one would enjoy this vegetarian burrito.

    4. Sushi can be vegetarian, and do you really want that?

    5. This zucchini, squash, and tomato gratin is surely just a bit meh.

    6. Vegetarian food just isn't hearty.

    7. Vegetarian food would never be a revelation.

    8. It's just not substantial enough.

    9. There's no variation.

    10. All so similar.

    11. It's not comfort food, really, is it?

    12. And it's just no good as a snack.

    13. These crisp, fresh apples would be absolutely no good to eat.

    14. Vegetarian restaurants are just too hard to find.

    15. Is there even any point to vegetarian pizza?

    16. I mean, come ON.

    17. Vegetable curry? HMMM.

    18. There aren't even any cool celebrity vegetarians. Would you do something just 'cause Jared Leto did it?

    19. Or Ellie Goulding?

    20. Or Yasiin Bey?

    21. And just because you can make a glorious pasta bake...

    22. ...or a delicate pasta alla norma, should you?

    23. No-one really likes falafel and hummus.

    24. Grilled cheese? It can be all right, maybe.

    25. But be honest, could you survive on this for the rest of your life?

    Vegetarian food - not even once.