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29 Things Every "Parks And Recreation" Fan Needs To See

Treat yo'self to this post!

1. This discovery that there's an actual Pawnee out in the world.

2. A menu that makes a big promise and lives up to it.

3. This Jeopardy clue that just nailed it.

4. This menu probably designed by Tom Haverford.

5. And this menu that definitely was.

6. OK, look, here's the Tom Haverford menu building guide if any other restaurants want it.

7. This album clearly designed by Perd Hapley.

8. IRL DJ Roomba.

9. A breakfast everyone can enjoy.

10. This film poster that probably should have gotten a few Oscar nods.

11. And this film, that, uh, probably wouldn't.

12. The surprising, but perfect, name of Pawnee's spa.

NBC / Via

13. This important style chart.

14. This promotional campaign that would definitely work.

15. This perfect deck of cards.

16. An important revelation that explains why Communism was doomed from the start.

17. Chris Pratt's first headshot.

OK, actually, everyone can appreciate that. And should.

18. This crime of this terrible price inflation.

NBC / / Via

19. This perfectly explained relationship.

20. This excellent capatcha.

21. This incredibly neat reference.

NBC / Via

22. This utterly accurate movie summary.

He'd later go to guard an entire galaxy. ~Follow Your Dreams~

23. This background in Louie that proves there's a future in Ben's ideas.

FX / Via

~Follow Your Dreams~

24. This proof that Larry is always Larry.

25. Finally, an explanation for how the adoption papers in Friends got screwed up.

NBC / Via

26. April's completely flawless staff bio.

27. This eating strategy that is guaranteed to be healthy.

28. This succinctly expressed technical issue.

29. And this perfect treatment of Terry.

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