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    25 GIFs That Will Give You More Anxiety Than You Can Handle

    Can you get through this post without freaking out?

    1. When this building got demolished.

    2. When this truck started to lean.

    3. When this motorcyclist didn't slow down in time.

    4. When this woman walked by a tree that was being cut down.

    5. When this monster truck was able to brake right at the last minute.

    6. When this skateboarder went pretty damn fast on a pretty damn high cliff.

    7. When this woman demonstrated why you should be careful using the phone

    8. When this person somehow didn't get injured.

    9. When at least one head injury didn't happen.

    10. When this sinkhole started developing on a crowded street.

    11. When this bike started to wobble.

    12. And when this guy sort of fell off.

    13. When these people stopped for a picnic.

    14. When this car started to skid on an icy road.

    15. When this dog fell into the raging rapids.

    16. When this boat got dropped into the sea.

    17. When this guy was just hanging out.

    18. When this guy tripped.

    19. When this guy took a ride into a busy street.

    20. When everything on this road started going wrong.

    21. When this penguin wanted to jump.

    22. When this guy decides to make an obviously impossible jump.

    23. When this guy tries to make friends in the sea.

    24. When this accident gets a bit close.

    25. When this guy did a backflip way too high in the air.