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The 49 Greatest British Motorways, According To Facebook Likes

The No. 1 spot may surprise you.

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Upgraded A roads have been excluded from this ranking, which only encompasses motorways with an M prefix.

Roads downgraded while retaining their M prefix have also been excluded.

When tied, the road with the lowest number in its name has been ranked higher.

Some roads with very popular individual features, such as the M62 summit, have high "like" numbers, but we have used only the number from the actual road.

Some roads have multiple pages. The page with most "likes" has been used, not a summation.

Additionally, some pages are listed as Landmarks, some as Main Roads, some as Wikipedia Topics, and some as actual fan pages. This inconsistency does not concern us.

The M6 Toll Road has been included separately due to the the intense emotions it encourages.

While the M48 has a very small Facebook page, the Severn Bridge, which forms a significant part of the road, has a much larger one. It has 1,334 likes, which if included would lift it to fourth place overall.

Controversially, the M74 has a combined Facebook page with the A74(M). We have elected to include it here despite this dispute.

All "like" volumes correct at the time of posting.

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