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19 Easy Ways To Prove That You're Down With The Kids

You know what the teens love? Memes! And emojis! Let's all meme together! From r/FellowKids.

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2. You can connect with teens so easily when you do use their language. For example, this is a perfect birthday card for a teen. (To be clear, "sick" actually means good, and "wicked" also means good. And everyone knows teens love to be random.)

4. Even history can be improved by introducing social media. The hashtag #TRENCH FOOT! is just a great example of this – it's exactly how the teens use Twitter, and there's no part of it that's "broken" or utterly fucking illogical.


11. But it's not all fun and games. There is a serious purpose to adjusting your language, as many teens simply cannot understand it otherwise. So when you need to make a real warning, sprinkle some text-speak in there. Just to make sure.


16. Here's another example of always using the correct language, the process of which is called "appropriation", a word that definitely means exactly this positive thing and nothing else.

@BadManBugti Safe badman, we gettin sum more PS4 tings in wivin da next week y'get me. Soz bout da attitude, probz avin a bad day yo. LD


17. If you're marketing to a teen audience, one way is to take one meme (pronounced to rhyme with "candied yams") and combine it with another. This shows the teens just how much of a "memelord" you truly are.

19. Whatever you're doing, if you want the teens to like it, just add a meme! (pronounced like your groaning howl into the pitch-black void of your own irrelevance as you realise the destruction time has wrought on your increasingly frail body)