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27 Gendered Products That Prove Masculinity Is Incredibly Fragile

I'm a man and I use man things. I'm not a woman. I'm a man.

1. "Most cotton buds are for the weaker gender, but these are INDUSTRIAL STEEL cotton buds for building and detailing so I am manly."

because masculinity is just /that/ fragile that they need "men's" qtips

2. "Fuck girly sunscreen — this is sunscreen for men. For man skin. Man skin is different to woman skin. It's manly."

When your masculinity is so fragile that you can't use regular sunscreen

3. "Only the womens read poetry, but BRO-etry? I'm a man, so I read things for men. Books are scary."

4. "If I look at men, gay thoughts enter my brain and it's because of all the men so I just want to look at dogs instead so I don't feel gay. What if people saw me looking at fully clothed men and thought I was gay?"

literally nothing is more fragile than masculinity

5. "When girls wear sweaters that are too large, it scares me. I am a Man and I must be larger than everyone around me to feel like a Man."

this just in: oversized sweaters can hurt a man's fragile masculinity so women shouldn't wear them

6. "Beds are so so girly, but I need to sleep, so I sleep in a MAN'S BED. For men."

This is something sent to me in an email by @trnknyc. Masculinity is such a fragile concept.

7. "It hides in my pocket so no one sees me making sure my chapped lips get the care they deserve. I have to go in the stalls in the bathroom to apply it. But only when no other men are in the bathroom — or I might look as if I'm in there with them."

Masculinity is SO FRAGILE. It lays flat in your pocket so other men won't tease you for caring for your lips!!!

8. "Loofahs are for women, and I'm not a woman, but this is a DETAILER, like what you use for cars, and cars are for MEN."

fragile masculinity alert via @queermutineer, a body loofah "detailer", as in, for cars or MANLY bodies @SocImages

9. "None of that women's soap for me. This is BIG soap. MASSIVE soap. Soap MASSIVE enough to wash my MASSIVE balls, which I have because I'm a MAN."


10. "Look how tough and manly this soap is, like how I'm really tough and manly."

i need a tactical grip on my man soap so i won't drop and shatter my fragile masculinity

11. "My massive balls mean I only drink men's tea."

Masculinity 👏 is 👏 so 👏 fragile 👏

12. "If people see me near bras they will think I'm a girl."

13. "If I have to cook for others, people might think I'm servile AND MEN DON'T SERVE MEN GET SERVED."

The Fragile Masculinity Guide to Throwing a Dinner Party

14. "I need to express my emotions to an extremely ill person, but they might think I'm a woman because of all the emotions, so I need to prove I'm not a woman. I'M NOT A WOMAN."

15. "Feelings are for women and I'M A MAN."

16. "How can I be expected to enjoy a fragrant, relaxing, rosemary-scented bath without simultaneously being reminded of the devastating lethal power of an explosive device, OK?"

Traditional masculinity seems... fragile

17. "Looking at a gay man might make me gay."

You'd have to be attached to a peculiarly fragile idea of masculinity to author this plaintive graffito...

18. "Nearly touching my own butt just feels wrong, y'know? I have to be reassured that it's definitely not weird to wipe my own butt."

19. "Sometimes people put dicks in their mouths, so if I have to put something in my mouth it needs to be ultra-manly. But not gay manly. Manly manly. I'm not gay."


20. "I saw a woman drink sangria once and I'm not a woman so I need to drink MANgria. I'm not a woman."

You guys, this is a thing that exists:

21. "Pink is for girls and I am not a girl I am a man."

22. "I'm eating this pastry treat because I'm a man. Its sweet, sugary deliciousness is for MEN. I'M A MAN."

Apparently, masculinity is a fragile, dainty and delicate flower which must be coddled at all costs.

23. "I'M A MAN"

Thank god I can dry my clothes without risking my fragile masculinity


Today in Masculinity Is So Fragile

25. "I'M A MAN"

"@alinadorothea: Masculinity is so fragile " Literal crisps that have to be marketed to men, brilliant

26. "Smelling like girly shit is so rubbish, I want to smell like GODDAMN ABS LIKE A MAN."

just in case your masculinity is so fragile that you have to smell like REALLY RIPPED ABS


Masculinity. Is. So. Fragile. Candles for all your "No Homo" needs. (what does camouflage smell like?)