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21 Of The Greatest Examples Of Fragile Masculinity In 2015

Let's follow the thought processes here.

1. This product is for the man who wants to crochet, but is worried that crocheting is too feminine. But still wants to do it, just while being constantly reassured that it's not too feminine.

Good thing there exists a brand to let me crochet AND keep my fragile masculinity in tact.

2. The person who wants to use this thinks colour is a bit "girly". Not a specific colour, that is. All colour. All colour is a bit "girly".

is your masculinity feelin fragile on your bday? fear not!

3. This is designed to appeal to the man who wants a bath bomb, who wants while using that bath bomb to be reminded of a grenade. To be able to hold that grenade in his hand and be reassured that the scent of rosemary does not make him any less of a man.

when your masculinity is too fragile but you want a bath bomb

4. This is for someone who feels that looking at the face of a fully clothed man is uncomfortable.

literally nothing is more fragile than masculinity

Tbf, dogs are better. But still. Weird.

5. This appeals to the same man who is definitely scared to have his male friend put his sun cream on. He uses sun cream for men, because his skin is manly and therefore different.

When your masculinity is so fragile that you can't use regular sunscreen

6. The intended purchaser of this spent many long, inadequate showers staring at a loofah that was right there but he couldn't use. Because it wasn't a man's loofah.

men's masculinity is so fragile loofahs aren't even safe

7. This achieves the aspirational, sophisticated femininity of a boutique, but for people who self-identify as a bro. A large subset, I'm sure.

No longer shall men suffer under the tyranny of buying stuff from regular non-manly stores #fragilemasculinity

8. Somewhere, a man was asked to do the dishes, and he responded by explaining that he would, except that the dish soap was just too lemony. It'd affect him too much.

Masculinity is so fragile, episode number 543,679.

9. Lemon and cherry are just too fruity for this man, so these lozenges must be clearly delineated as for men.

I actually like to think that this is some great shade being thrown at men, complaining because of their minor sniffles.

10. There was a man who put on a pair of leggings, and said "NO! I like and want to wear these leggings, but I cannot, for leggings are not for men like me. Meggings? MEGGINGS? Yes, they MUST be for me. What a stupendous day!"

"meggings" wow masculinity really is so fragile that they can't use the word leggings because "they're for girls"

11. This is a card for the man who wants to display his support for iconic images of the demonstration of women's economic power – but only if men do it.

Masculinity is so fragile and stupid af.

12. These are marketed towards men who want a room to smell like old beer.

13. The man buying this has, up to now, never eaten chocolate. Never had a Twix or a KitKat Chunky, because chocolate is for women. His life has been sadly staring at the racks in the newsagent, then sadly leaving, knowing he can never have the chocolate.

14. A man is suddenly panicking that his failure to drink gin and tonic up to this point has rendered him a lesser man.

Masculinity is so fragile @anygirlfriday @laurevans311 @starsandspirals

15. The colour of this phone has men questioning everything about themselves.

16. To buy this, a man would have to think that "sport" was a good scent. Because all other scents are too specific, too close to what a woman might wear. But "sport"? That's manly as hell. Men like sport.

17. Many Q-tips are just too feminine to deal with manly ears.

because masculinity is just /that/ fragile that they need "men's" qtips

18. For people who want to follow the teachings of Buddha, but worry that as a man, he is too womanly.

When you want a spiritual lifestyle but you're masculinity is fragile af

19. Because men want to smell like abs?

just in case your masculinity is so fragile that you have to smell like REALLY RIPPED ABS

20. The man buying this has not been using soap up to this point.

i need a tactical grip on my man soap so i won't drop and shatter my fragile masculinity

21. ?!?!?!?

It's fucking BREAD.

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