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    Make Jamie Oliver Sad By Making Your Own Turkey Twizzlers

    Take yourself back, with the best thing about school.

    OK, so we all know the best food you could ever have at school was turkey twizzlers.

    Just look at them.

    But then they got banned because of that fucker Jamie Oliver. Here he is with Tony Blair, just after launching his unjust war that caused misery for thousands.

    Russell Boyce / AFP / Getty Images

    People were, and still are, pretty angry about it.

    But now you can make your own! Check this out.

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    It's pretty simple too โ€“ this is all you need to get, and how to make them.


    * Turkey sausages

    * Flour

    * Egg Wash (whisked eggs and milk)

    * Breadcrumbs

    * Skewers

    * Oil to fry with


    Cook turkey sausages fully. Skewer a sausage. Run a knife around the sausage in a spiral down the full length of the sausage. Spread the sausage spiral down the skewer and coat in flour, egg wash, and bread crumbs. Fry in oil until golden brown. Let cool until safe to touch and remove from skewer.


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