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    22 Pictures That Only Fans Of "The Avengers" Will Find Funny

    Mainly because Tony Stark is a badass.

    1. This screening of Iron Man 3.

    2. This revelation about how Tony Stark could potentially be a better businessman.

    3. This very reasonable response to an emergency.

    4. This revelation about how the team dynamics work.

    5. The real reason Tony Stark is such a badass.

    6. Because really, Tony Stark is a badass.

    7. Especially when he sciences really hard.

    8. Hell, this is how powerful Tony Stark is.

    9. Thor helping out.

    10. This reference in Captain America: Winter Soldier.

    Marvel / Via

    11. This issue with the ideas for the third film.

    12. These important puns.

    13. Puns are always important.

    14. This well-timed photo that clears something up about Thor.

    15. This potential team.

    16. This very real possibility.

    17. This alternate Hulk.

    18. This prank that probably would have happened.

    19. Business casual Hulk.

    20. This important observation about exactly which movies Marvel is planning to make.

    21. These varying levels of professionalism.

    22. And this perfect summary.


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