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32 Pictures That Will Make Londoners Laugh Every Single Time

Because Cockfosters is always funny.

1. This panorama fail that resulted in a new design for the London bus.

2. These intensely necessary signs for the tube.

3. This important clarification on a London door.

4. Stephen Fry exercising his right to drive sheep across London Bridge.

5. This enjoyable response to graffiti in a pub toilet.

6. And this perfectly London graffiti.

7. This rebellion by the Houses of Parliament.

8. The shape of this park by the London Eye.

9. And of course, the penis bridge.

10. When this giant beach ball came loose at Old St.

11. That time a Texan man got trapped in a bookshop for hours.

12. This London park bench.

13. This Camden tip jar.

14. And this one.

15. This important question and answer.

16. This protestor.

17. This chill working dog.

18. These passengers at Heathrow airport.

19. This undeniably, but reasonably, angry bike courier.

20. This fabulous example of London sarcasm.

21. This actually fairly important sign.

22. This neat combination.

23. This King's Road shop.

24. Though obviously, this is the classic.

25. This perfect depiction of an important historical event.

26. This Savile Row protest against a planned Abercrombie & Fitch store.

27. This sassy London Underground sign.

28. And this friendly one.

29. TFL really are rather friendly.

30. These cash machine options.

31. These policemen at Notting Hill.

32. And Cockfosters.