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    19 Photos Of Food So Horrifying You'll Never Want To Eat Again

    Make food great again.

    1. Egg, bacon and cheese Pop-Tarts.

    2. Pickle snow cones.

    3. Ranch dressing soda.

    4. This bizarre combination of hot dog and burger.

    5. A tomato that for some unknowable reason has been stuffed with tuna. And topped with a cheese slice.

    6. Ice cubes and cereal.

    7. This attempt at a grilled cheese.

    8. A pizza on which pineapple is somehow the best thing.

    9. This nonsense.

    10. This cake made out of potato and chicken.

    11. A fish...roll? Fish bread?

    12. This thing that is in no way a sandwich.

    13. Not even sure how this works. None of this makes sense.

    14. These things that are allegedly eggs.

    15. These chicken strips topped with string cheese.

    16. This bizarre flavour.

    17. Kool-Aid wings.

    18. Ramen nachos.

    19. And a bolognese pizza.