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35 Photos That Prove Your Entire Life Is A Lie

Nothing will ever be the same again.

1. When these guys made a pavement like this.

2. The Weasley twins don't have ginger hair.

3. It was actually a different 90s icon that invented the Carlton Dance.

4. The powerball isn't a ball.

5. Pineapples don't actually grow on trees.

6. This experiment that proved double stuffed Oreos are actually only 1.86x stuffed.

7. When "I before E except after C" was just a hollow lie.

8. Toad is actually wearing a hat.

9. This explains a large part of your childhood.

10. They weren't called the Berenstein Bears.

11. This revelation.

12. You've been doing this wrong your entire life.

13. This is how towels are stacked in department stores.

14. And you need green ninjas to get the hair-flipping in commercials exactly right.

15. This diagram changes everything.

16. This man's name isn't Barry Scott.

17. This horrifying reality.

18. This is the correct way to wear earphones.

19. The end of the Great Wall of China.

20. This really rapid tortoise.

21. This photo of Bear Grylls eating lovely food off-camera exists.

22. This is just strange.

23. Candy corn stacked looks like this, and that's why the name is what it is.

24. When you discover what Bae actually means.

25. Because this is how it happened.

26. And this how takeaway pizza is actually made.

27. Sometimes people paint grass green.

28. Inside a Magic 8-Ball.

29. When 2 = 1 and now nothing makes sense any more.

30. This emoji's "official" meaning, which is clearly a lie.

31. This culture-spanning lie.

32. This pillow isn't for sleeping.

34. This is Will Smith's other son, and he's pretty much a regular guy on social media.

35. This travesty.