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    24 Lies "Friends" Told You About Adult Life

    They really didn't tell you life was going to be this way.

    1. You'll definitely never have a massive apartment in Manhattan.


    Even with rent control.

    2. Moving is never actually this fun.

    3. You won't ever be as funny as Chandler.

    4. You probably won't grow into yourself as well as Monica.

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    5. You won't have an amusing neighbour to spy on.

    6. You won't have a friend as Type-A as Monica.

    7. Or who really gets food like Monica.

    Being a chef and all.

    8. Finding someone to play air piano in public is hard.

    9. It's actually pretty awkward to keep pet birds.

    10. You'll never have a friend who writes songs as well as Phoebe does.

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    11. And you'll never have a friend who can be honest like Phoebe.

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    12. You can't make chairs really fun.

    13. You won't actually be able to calm a baby using novelty rap songs.

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    14. No one you know will ever have as much knowledge as Ross.

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    15. Or be as committed to their friends.

    16. You almost definitely won't fall in love with your best friend.

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    17. You won't have a friend as adorably bad at sports as Rachel.

    18. No one will give you such good fashion advice as Rachel.

    19. You can't really do synchronised dances.

    20. No one you know will have as cool a job as Joey.

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    21. No one will have flirting skills as good as Joey's.

    22. Or his flawless logic.

    23. Basically, you'll never be in a group this awesome. But your friends are pretty cool anyway.

    24. You'll never actually need to pivot.

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