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23 Times Tumblr Went Way Too Fucking Far

Damn, you people really need to chill out.

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1. When they went 0 to 100 without any warning at all.

2. When they thought about ghosts and came up with this.

3. When they were just really honest, maybe too honest.

4. When they raised questions about birds and self-awareness and the nature of existence. And maybe broke a plate.

5. When an attempt to be cute became an attempt to be horrifying.

6. When they proved the 21st century can even match ancient Greek myths.

7. When they came upon this issue.

8. When the puns got dark.

9. And so did the wordsearches.

This is not very fucking festive.

This is not very fucking festive.

10. When they realised the dark, dark truth at the heart of our existence.

11. And found a dark, dark alcohol that no one should ever drink.

12. When they brought up a really big problem with Disney.

13. When they talked about romance.

14. When they just had to end up at murder.

15. When they got really, really, real.

16. When they thought too much.

17. When this happened.

18. When they got distracted.

19. When they proved they're all supervillains.

20. When they said this.

21. When they uploaded a picture no one really needed to see.

22. When they went emotional but damn sure didn't stay there.

23. When they made a connection you'll wish they hadn't.