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    47 Photos That Will Please You More Than They Should

    A post to slightly improve your day. H/T: OddlySatisfying and MildlyInteresting.

    1. Pills in a completely perfect circle.

    2. This dog that made its very own pillow fort.

    3. A bag of tiger nuts with a tiger face that also spells out "tiger nuts".

    4. These baby birds in a nest built on a window.

    5. This flying feather duster.

    6. This utterly impossible photoshop. /

    7. This barber that has been cutting hair for years.

    8. These cables that are more organised than any other cables you've ever seen.

    9. Water from the tap going straight down the plughole.

    10. A sign that actually accounts for refraction.

    11. This car that definitely isn't upside down.

    12. A bar with a very useful age limit.

    13. This almost pornographic piece of power-washing.

    14. A cloud looking as though it should actually be in the ocean.

    15. This Instagram account that's just right.

    16. A microwave with a toaster built-in.

    17. These well-stocked shelves.

    18. This 2048 failure that's really more of a success.

    19. This Netflix queue holding hands.

    20. This perfect Twitter joke.

    21. Apple-ception.

    22. Lyrics that work perfectly.

    23. This oh-so-relatable bunny.

    24. Apps that are lined up in the best way possible.

    25. This reflection that might actually be a hologram.

    26. A butter knife that you've always needed in your life.

    27. This pizza coupon with the perfect expiry date.

    28. This business card for a Lego employee.

    29. The only time broccoli will truly bring you joy.

    30. A 99-pack of beer.

    31. Chocolates that actually manage to make chocolate better.

    32. This rollercoaster that appears to have launched into space.

    33. Grapes growing completely perfectly.

    34. A telegraph pole that is also a clown.

    35. A camouflage dog.

    36. The delicious pancakes made when these boxes line up.

    37. This ninja turtle inside an onion.

    38. A car wash with a soap gun.

    39. Coffee cups that line up perfectly.

    40. A crushed can that has actually improved the can.

    41. This man who appears to be reading a newspaper with himself on the front cover.

    42. The happiest eggs you've ever seen.

    43. Cherries in a structured pyramid.

    44. This mini-cannon producing perfection... eventually.

    45. This organisation.

    46. This slipping man with jazz hands.

    47. And a perfect disclaimer.